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Experience A New Lifestyle

We are a fitness studio helping you develop a lifestyle of health.


Live Life Beyond The Barre

Integrated living is what we teach, how we encourage, and the way we train.

In-Person Classes

Experience A New Kind of Fitness

At-Home (On-Demand & Saturday Livestream)
You can experience Beyond the Barre at-home with our Livestreaming and On-Demand classes. We currently offer a virtual studio with our on-demand video classes and 1 Saturday livestream through zoom. We also offer on-demand video classes. You may choose from our library of strength training, barre-lite, and yoga classes. There are over 250 classes to choose from plus three new classes are added each week. After all, staying home and staying healthy means staying fit!

In-Person At Our Studio
We know getting your body fit, building your balance, gaining strength – it all takes hard work and commitment. At DND Beyond the Barre, you’ll be supported, challenged, and feel strong from the inside out. You’ll be part a community and begin to see your body transform.

We currently offer 7 classes each week in-person at Beyond The Barre, conveniently located near the Edmonds Waterfront.

Weekly Class Schedule

In-Person – BTB Classes Monday 7:15 & 9:30am, Tuesday 9:30am, Wednesday 6:30am, Thursday 9:30am, Friday 7:15 & 9:30am, Saturday Livestream 9:00am
In-Person – Barre-Lite Tuesday & Thursday 10:45am, Yoga Tuesday 4:30pm

On-Demand – Every Day – Access to 250+ Classes

*We are now offering YOGA. New on-demand yoga classes are released every Wednesday.
*We have a database of over 250+ workouts, they vary in length…10, 12, 30, 45 min, short specific body part series as well as total body workouts.
*We now are offering “Barre-lite” which is geared towards low impact movements big and small (don’t let the “lite” fool you.. its still not easy)
*Branded mobile app is coming soon